Crochet Bliss! Chainless Foundation Stitches!!

I haven’t posted for awhile but am busily working on various projects for Christmas orders which led me on a hunt for a tutorial to learn how to do the chainless foundation crochet.

I’m currently completing an order for 4 crocheted headbands/ear warmers.   In the past, I’ve created the chains, trying so hard not to make them too tight and then go back and complete all the stitches only to discover in the next round that the initial row is tighter –that doesn’t happen using the chainless foundation stitch.

After scouring YouTube and Google and reviewing at least a dozen tutorials, I finally found one that I can wrap my brain around.  It’s not that it’s a hard stitch, but you need to see those loops to put the hook in to create the next chain — this has been my stumbling area.  

I encourage you to check out Crochet Geek by Teresa Richardson (  Teresa does a great job describing how to create the stitches.  What makes these tutorials stand out from others? She replays her instructions in slow motion!!!

Foundation Single Crochet
Foundation Half Double Crochet
Foundation Double Crochet

Now that I’ve spent some time practising, I’m in crochet nirvana! Yes, I’m being a bit dramatic but it’s already made such a huge difference to the projects I’m working on.  I dare you to try it and see the difference!!  I’ll be posting some finished work soon so stay tuned!!

Happy knitting, hooking and creating everyone!

6 thoughts on “Crochet Bliss! Chainless Foundation Stitches!!

  1. I love the foundation stitches! I took a class at a conference and the instructor went over the basics and then showed us how to pretty much do any project (lace, shells, etc) with them! Glad you found them, they’re a great thing to know


    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! 🙂

      Where did you take the conference? I want to attend one but so far I can’t find anything local. I would love to go to one like the Vogue Knitting Live events. When you use the foundation stitches for a project that uses shell stitches, is there anything different you need to do with that first row?


      1. I took the class at Stitches Midwest in Chicago. A bit expensive, but it was my vacation for the year, so worth it. They hold events all over the country, though it’s mostly a Knitting conference the crochet post is growing.
        Not much difference, you just yarn over different amounts if you switch the stitch up. I guess if you need to chain one between the stitch pattern is that you yarn over one more time before you go into that created third stitch and create one. It’s hard to say in words…. I’ll see if I can find a YouTube video that does it 🙂


      2. Well in my research I didn’t find anything what I was talking about, but I did find the instructor, Marty Miller! She has a class online which looks exactly to be what I took:;jsessionid=B4A39A41715754B9284BF4660C4C305A.bowie001?ext=MartyMiller_4809_F&utm_source=Martha%20Miller&utm_medium=Instructor&utm_campaign=General-Course%20Activity&initialPage=true


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