I know May just began, but I’m preparing for winter…

Yes, I know it seems an insane idea to start work on a winter blanket now that May is here and the sun came with it finally, but I’m not the fastest knitter out there.  I’m trying to use more decorative patterns to develop my skill set which inevitably leads to greater concentration and slower work.

I took advantage of a fabulous sale at Michaels and picked up three big balls of Impeccable (Loops & Threads) – 784 m (858 yds) each.  It’s a lot of yarn which made me feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea that I would actually need to use all this lovely stuff.

There are three patterns used for the squares. I’ve made one in each pattern to make sure my gauge is correct and that I like the colours (see pictures below).

I’m particularly excited to learn a new stitch which creates fabulous fabric with texture — Bamboo Stitch! (see green square) This is one is fun and once you’re in a rhythm, it knits up quickly.  Thank goodness for YouTube as I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do really with either stitches.  Here is tutorial I found really helpful. Bamboo Stitch

I also  picked up another stitch combination – k1, yo, k1 in the same stitch – a neat way to add some stitches. It’s used in this pattern to create the bobble look on the brown square.  The extra stitches are purled together to complete the bobble.  Check out this tutorial: k1 yo k1 in same stitch

Once all 25 squares have been knit and blocked, they are sewn together and a round of stitches on the outside to create a border to finish off the edges.  I’m trying to be well prepared by starting these 25 now…with 3 done so far in early May I feel like I’ve made a good dent and should have this beauty ready by the crisp fall air returns in October.  Wish me luck!

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