Sweater Challenge Update!

So I began my personal 2016 Sweater Challenge this past January (see earlier post this year).  I’ll admit it has been slow going, not because of difficulties with the project but just making time to work on it.

May has begun and I’m almost there!  I’m still totally in love with the yarn and can’t wait to see the finished product. Below is a picture of where I was in January compared to now – there are just 2 more inches of length in stockinette stitch before I can add the ribbing, then we’re off to blocking and the sewing together.

Now I don’t have a lot of experience with that “B” word … “blocking”.  This will be my first attempt at blocking a silk wool blend. After all the hard work, I really don’t want to mess up my pretty shrug.  If anyone has any tips that may help, please share!!!  Thanks so much!

Happy crafting!

I know May just began, but I’m preparing for winter…

Yes, I know it seems an insane idea to start work on a winter blanket now that May is here and the sun came with it finally, but I’m not the fastest knitter out there.  I’m trying to use more decorative patterns to develop my skill set which inevitably leads to greater concentration and slower work.

I took advantage of a fabulous sale at Michaels and picked up three big balls of Impeccable (Loops & Threads) – 784 m (858 yds) each.  It’s a lot of yarn which made me feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea that I would actually need to use all this lovely stuff.

There are three patterns used for the squares. I’ve made one in each pattern to make sure my gauge is correct and that I like the colours (see pictures below).

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Pumpkin Orange Cozy Scarf

Just in time for Halloween….I finished off this bright, pumpkin orange scarf.  Tassels added to the ends create fall flair (pattern by Rescued Paw Designs – check out the website, a great selection of projects).

Using Bernat Satin and a combination of half double and criss crossed half double crochet stitches, this scarf has texture while remaining comfy soft.

Happy  Halloween everyone!!!

Super Quick to Make Travel Coffee Cup Cozies

To all you coffee drinkers out there!

I am a creature of habit. There are generally only two beverages that I will order again and again without fail – the no foam, extra hot, non-fat latte and the non-fat caramel macchiato, extra hot, with extra caramel on top.  

Being an environmentally sensitive soul, I like to use a resuable, recyclable mug – it’s good for at least 10 to 12 coffees before it just can’t lose that stale coffee scent, even after washing.  

I started making some simple cozies for my travel coffee mugs – why use a plain cardboard sleeve when I can keep my hands warm and comfy on soft cotton in beautiful colours?  

Behold the pretty and environmentally friendly travel mug sleeve!

etsy blog 018

Yes, I am catering to Starbucks in these pictures but that’s only because it’s my favourite on-the-go coffee cup right now.  

etsy blog 029

These cozies are made with Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton.  They work up quickly using a combination of single and half-double crochet stitches, worked in the round.  Make it as tall and colourful as you like!